A President of a Printing Company that cares.

A President of a Printing Company that cares.

Tony Toven, President/CEO

“Reputation and client satisfaction is everything.” Tony Toven 

Touched on in the Clear Image Printing Short History, Tony was literally born into the printing industry. His Dad was a Bindery Supervisor for 25 years and set up a little print shop in their garage. Tony started out in high school, printing with his brother Gregg on a one-color AB Dick. He soon became hooked on the late nights with Gregg, the smell of a printed sheet, the rush that came with solving problems and then of producing a job well done.

After graduation, he worked for other printers for quite awhile. At each spot he climbed the ladder, learning about bindery, then customer service, then estimating, and finally sales. During these years, nothing was too big or too small to learn. He pummeled his Dad with questions about print. His Dad was always there with advice. Something in Tony’s personality — that is still there today — loved the challenge and the fun in producing something amazing for the client, even better than anyone could have thought possible.

Always searching for Quality with a capital Q, he got the reputation amongst his clients that he loved the hard jobs, the specialty work, and the problem solving involved in bringing printing and production to the next level. Tony worked with clients as true collaborators, listening to what they really needed, and providing the services that could get them there. Finally, in 2006, the young entrepreneur took the plunge and opened up his own shop, dedicated to giving the client the service and partnership he knew they needed and deserved.

Today, this attitude filters down to all of the CIP staff. We know that our company mission is about quality and constant improvement. Tony counts on us to speak up with ideas for change and for growth. He is not afraid to buy a new machine for just one job so that it can be the best job possible. Then that machine is here for all the following clients that need it.

The dedication in the shop to ‘getting it right’ is palpable. Nailing the details is paramount. Comps and more comps are made if there is tricky bindery or die cut. Just the right printing curves are applied in pre-press so the client’s final job meets discerning expectations.

Innovation and passion for print drives both Tony and the rest of us. In a very short time, we have become a formidable force in printing, recognized both locally and nationally. The awards Clear Image has won only confirm our core company belief that reputation is everything. If you have a good reputation, you already have the most important thing you need for success.