Clear Image Printing History

A Quick History

Our CEO and founder Tony Toven was born into a printing family. Tony and his brother started out as teenagers printing little jobs in their garage, quickly learning that a good relationship with the client depended on getting the details right. Tony soon became a top print salesman in the industry while working for over 15 years in Southern California. He saw what worked. He honed his craft. And he created his vision for his own printing company.

Founded in 2006, Clear Image Printing was born out of Tony’s love for great printing and his desire to bring his vision of true customer service to his clients. A year later, in search of a space big enough to add equipment and more in-house services Clear Image Printing moved to our current location. (link to Visit Us or Contact Us page) The staff has grown exponentially since then, as has our client base.

We are all working hard to be one of the most trusted, detailed, creative, technology-driven, service-oriented printers in Southern California. We do that by continually innovating, taking chances, expanding our craft, demanding excellence of ourselves, and above all building trusting relationships with clients like you.

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