Environmental Commitment

“Excellence in Environmental Printing”
- Greenworks Environmental Recognition Award 2011

Clear Image Printing takes nothing for granted; not clients, not vendors, and not the environment. It is a partnership, a team effort, and we understand our responsibility to be a good steward of the world’s natural resources.

Clear Image was started in 2006, building everything with Green in mind. We are an FSC certified shop, using only soy- and vegetable-based inks (no VOCs), recycling paper waste, using a chemistry-free plate processor, and never using alcohol to clean the press but rather a very low VOC solvent.

We work with our clients and paper vendors to supply recycled paper products whenever possible. A CIP motto, “Be Proud of What You Do,” carries into environmental concerns as well and is an important part of our commitment to excellence. In fact, in 2011 Clear Image Printing was presented with a Greenworks Environmental Recognition Award for “Excellence in Environmental Printing.”

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