CASE STORY - FX Networks

High-End Hollywood


FX is all about TV, all about drama, and all about desire. Translating these kinds of intense feelings onto paper is the kind of thing our staff at Clear Image Printing loves to do. Marketing FX programming is always filled with wonderful technical challenges and inventive solutions.


The visual story to be told by any printed piece for FX is paramount. Clear Image Printing envisions FX Network’s desired end-product and we work with them to achieve it. We understand their demand for high-end finishes, careful handwork, and double- and triple- checking everything. Assembling the entire package before it is printed ensures that everything is going to work as planned.


FX pushes the envelope of what can be printed well and sometimes, in a very short amount of time. There are lots of foil stampings and shiny UV coatings; complicated creative packaging with parts that need to fit together perfectly; and tons of mock-ups with different ideas to ensure the entire project becomes a tactile and visual delight for the end-recipient. The award-winning results speak for themselves.

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