Brainstorming with CIP


Westfield Malls has a passion for, and an expertise, in building premium shopping environments. Their malls are exceptional and they looked for a printer that had the expertise to represent that in their printing materials.


Collaboration starts with Westfield sharing their vision of what their piece is trying to achieve. The Clear Image staff is then encouraged and expected to contribute creative print solutions that will maximize the marketing impact. Rounds of mock-ups go back and forth, created and perfected on the way to realizing Westfield’s high-end printed projects.


Westfield works with Clear Image to heighten the tactile and visual experience for their customer. Using vellum pages, special die cuts, dull and gloss varnishes, beautifully printed photography, and perfect crossovers in bindery, the printed piece becomes an active marketing partner that carries the mandatory message of “Quality” that the Westfield brand embodies.

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